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HSP Appoints Raymond J. Alletto, Marian Cope and Frank "Skip" Treco as Senior Risk Advisor

Hanover Stone Partners, a risk management services firm with expertise in a broad range of critical risk disciplines, today announced the appointments of Raymond J. Alletto, Marian Cope and Frank "Skip" Treco as senior risk advisors in Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, and Indianapolis, respectively.

"As their organizations drive for sustainability and growth, more risk managers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico now rely on us for world-class assistance in addressing an increasing array of difficult exposures," said John J. Kelly, founder and CEO, Hanover Stone Partners. "Given these dynamics, we are continuing to expand our network of senior risk advisors. While Ray, Marian and Skip have taken different career paths, all are exceptionally talented professionals who share a deep understanding of risk management and a legacy of successful leadership. We're pleased to welcome them to our team and look forward to our work together on behalf of our clients."

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