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HSP and UnitedLex to Partner on Cyber-Risk Solutions for Commercial Clients

Hanover Stone Partners and UnitedLex, a business advisory company with leading edge cyber security and legal services expertise, have agreed to collaborate on cyber-security, legal services and other risk management solutions to help businesses and other commercial entities address their technology and internet-related exposures.

"With many of our clients pressed to understand and manage increasingly complex exposures related to the internet and technology, UnitedLex gives us a strong partner with proven worldwide capabilities in cyber-security and related legal services," said John J. Kelly, founder and CEO, Hanover Stone Partners. "The specialized expertise of UnitedLex, combined with the knowledge and experience of our senior risk advisors and other partner firms, gives us an extensive range of solution providers in cyber-related risk management. We look forward to teaming with UnitedLex on behalf of our clients, including the growing number of businesses, public entities and organizations that face these serious exposures."

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