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Risk Management Consulting


At Hanover Stone, we bring together leading industry experts who focus on identifying, analyzing and financing organizational risk. In fact, the only people at Hanover Stone – our partner firms and advisors – are senior people, leading experts in their respective disciplines. They bring an extraordinary and diverse breadth of experience to the table. When it comes to any element of risk management, they have certainly "been there, done that."  Some literally have written the book in their specialty. When we assemble a team of experts for a client assignment, we draw from all the disciplines – all appropriate lenses – through which the project should be viewed.

​Because HSP has no vested interest in any particular solution, we don't look at a problem or issue with a particular end in mind. For example, we do not have a bias toward selling insurance ... not in a world in which there are increasingly sophisticated ways to analyze risk and a range of alternatives to manage and finance it.

Furthermore, as our process brings perspectives from multiple disciplines we are better able to solve the problem. In effect, by brainstorming among experts across different industries and disciplines we are able to develop and deliver more creative and effective solutions for our clients.

Hanover Stone Partners Consulting Capabilities


HSP offers the full spectrum of risk management consulting and services. Our project teams are assembled and deployed according to the client's specific needs. Our consulting products and proprietary methods have been honed over years of experience across more than a dozen industries and scores of engagements.

Whether your organization is a small to mid-sized firm or Fortune 50 employer, HSP will work with your risk management, finance, human capital, internal audit and insurance staff to reduce total cost of risk and better protect your organization.

RM Consulting
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