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Bob Blackburn
Risk Profile Development – Value and Benefits
Robert J. Blackburn, CPCU
Managing Principal, Blackburn Group

“Should we invest in acquiring a business, or develop the capability ourselves”? This question is continually on the minds of executives who are in a position of increasing an organization’s shareholder profits and value. A typical approach for this example may be to run two sets of “investment potential” numbers, one set for the acquisition and one set for the internal expansion. Then, the results of each option should be further “scored” using a risk profile development process. The final chosen solution is likely to offer shorter timeframes, better controls, or a variety of other important risk mitigation factors to enhance shareholder value.


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Sharon Emek
Navigating The Multi-Generational Workforce Of Today
Sharon Emek, Ph.D., CIC
CEO & President, WAHVE

...for the first time in modern history, according to a report by AARP, 20-year-old new hires can find themselves working side-by-side with colleagues who are 50 years or older than them. This requires a leadership approach in which intergenerational dynamics in the workplace are addressed. It means identifying generational distinctions so that managers and owners have a framework for building awareness and understanding of the different viewpoints, attitudes, needs, and expectations among generations.


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Peter Gerken
How to Use Captive Insurance to Manage Reputation Risk
Peter Gerken, CPCU
Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Steel City Re
John J. Kelly, CPCU
Managing Partner, Hanover Stone Partners

Among many new threats to enterprise value, reputation risk is now in its fifth straight year of topping C-suite imperatives according to the 2014 Reputation at Risk survey from Deloitte/Forbes Insights. For businesses in all industries, reputation is a complex risk in which managing expectations and perceptions are as important as managing operations and execution.


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